Stress, anxiety, and depression are very common among many people but they’re underrated sometimes. We often consider these things as an obvious outcome of daily lifestyle, career, health concerns, family problems, and many more reasons. 

Unlike depression which is a mental health disorder, stress doesn’t need to be cured by doctors.

 It’s normal to feel stressed. In fact, millions of adults find themselves lost and stressed out every day. As a result, they get into things that make problems worse such as smoking & drinking.

So how can someone combat stress? The first step is to find the root cause of your stress. What is the particular thing making your life stressful? Try to understand it deeply.

Professionals say that the key to stress management is to have the strong emotional strength, have control of your situation and most importantly a positive approach towards any situation.

We’ve got some activities from experts to combat stress in a fun way without putting much effort.

1.Be Active

If you’re feeling stressed then doing some physical activity will help. Moving your body regularly will increase blood circulation in your body and reduce stress hormones.

In case you’re not fond of working out then start with walking for at least 10 mins. You can also do cycling or even a small swim session to make it exciting. Find something that you enjoy doing.

Studies show that people who are involved in any kind of physical activity are more likely to be calm and cheerful. It improves both mental and physical health.

2.Breathe or Meditate

Meditation works like magic when it comes to stress relief, concentration and calmness. People usually get intimated by the name of meditation but it’s so simple that anyone can do it.

Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and start breathing deeply. Feel the air that goes into you, hold for a few secs and leave it slowly. Deep breathing has multiple benefits including the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Practice for 2 minutes to get started and gradually increase it to 10 minutes daily. Also, keep this in mind while doing meditation, leave everything behind which means allowing yourself to be light from all your thought.

3.Reduce Screen Time

Being on phone all the time is the most crucial thing. It harms us more than anything. Yes! It is true that mobile, laptop is undetachable from our daily lives but their effect is very bad.

Using these electronic devices often increases stress and anxiety. The more you spent time on screen the better your chances are to be stressed and burned out.

It also affects your sleep, psychological well-being and eyesight. Set a daily time limit and stick to it.

Pro tip – Explore your daily life without social media (if your profession allows you) for 1 week at first and then increase it to months. It’ll change the way you live life.

4.Get a Shower

Yes, it works. Showering with cold water helps to release stress. When your body temperature changes the sensory process slows down and it feels like rebooting yourself.

As the cold water touched your head, it makes your nerves relax. Now you can think about the same situation deeply, more logically and with a calm mind. So, after bath, you’re more likely to find a better solution to the same problem.

To make it more desirable one can add some scented candles and chill music.

5.Practice Self Care

Stress is also an outcome of personal insecurities and to cope with that you need to accept yourself the way you are. Practicing self-care is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

There are plenty of options available including body massage, skin treatment, spa, a new hairstyle, and doing nails. Even cooking your favorite meal, going for a walk, reading books and taking a pause from your hectic schedule is self-care.

It is proven that people involved in self-care tend to live a better-quality life than those who don’t engage in self-care.

Self-care should be relaxing, pampering not complicated. People who are more stressed need to take time for themselves to live happy and healthier life.

6.Go on a Vacation

Now vacation may sound like exotic places with serene views, luxury hotels, fancy dishes, and so on. But my friend, vacation means break. A break from your busy routine in which people are stuck for years even decades.

You don’t need a chunk of money to go for a vacation. A vacation can be as simple as being with nature for 2 days, doing nothing, walking amidst trees, sitting in a park, and enjoying the cool breeze touching your face.

Spending time in greens can improve your mental well-being and helps you to combat stress.

7.Be with Friends and Family

We’re deeply indulged in social media that we almost forgot to spend time with family and friends. Having social support from friends & family is a stress buster.

A study among college students proposed that having less moral support from family, friends and partners is associated with higher stress levels, mental uncertainty and loneliness.

If you’re alone and don’t have people around you to depend on then consider joining social support groups or clubs that are fighting for a good cause that interests you.

8.Start a Hobby

Starting a hobby is very useful when you’re feeling nowhere because your time and attention are shifting to a new thing.

Choose something that you’re interested in. It can be painting, gardening, biking, running and playing any sports to mention a few. Also, journaling each day, reading books for 20 mins, and meditating in the morning have numerous benefits.

9.Spend Time with Your Pet

Having a pet gives you companionship and a mood booster. When you play with your pet, love them, cuddle them, taking them for a walk you actually feel good.

Our body releases oxytocin which is linked with a positive mood when you touch or hug your pet. People who have pets tend to be satisfied, mentally well, and less stressed.

If you don’t have any then try to get one. Pets never disappoint their parents.

10.Good Food, Good Mood

Healthy food helps in many aspects of life including your mental health. Science says that people who consume highly processed foods and added sugar are prone to stress.

Having not enough nutrients in your diet leads to nutrition deficiency and that further affects your mood and stress.

Reduce your intake of processed foods, sugar, and beverages and focus on eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans. When you provide necessary nutrients, your body automatically regulates stress and mood better.

Stress is a serious issue, especially among adults. If you know someone who’s going through such a phase then suggest the ways we mentioned.

Chronic stress is something that needs to be diagnosed by professionals. 

Apart from the discussed methods, cuddling, positive physical touch, and sex can help in relieving stress by releasing oxytocin.


In conclusion, combating stress is crucial for maintaining a healthy and balanced life. The ten fun ways discussed in this article provide you with a range of enjoyable activities to help you alleviate stress and promote overall well-being. Keep in mind that,we need to prioritize self care and dedicate time to activities that brings you happiness and relaxation. Whether it’s engaging in a hobby, practicing mindfulness, or connecting with loved ones, finding moments of respite amidst a hectic lifestyle is essential. So, embrace these fun strategies, incorporate them into your daily life routine, and witness the positive impact they can have on your stress levels and overall quality of life. Take the first step today towards a more stress-free and fulfilling life.

By John Trudeau

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