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No matter how big or small your business is, without SEO, you cannot guarantee targeted traffic and potential customers; thus, it is essential for adequate branding, establishing your stand at being an expert in the field of work, and, most importantly, surviving in this cutthroat digital era.

Stuck on finding a proper Ahref SEO Tool Review 2024 that works the best for you? Why not go by the most banked-on, Ahrefs, that assists you in going beyond surface-level SEO strategies! Google is the most significant website crawler. 

What is Ahrefs?

It is a tool or a product to aid you in optimizing websites for popular search engines. To talk a little about the past, it was set up in 2010, and the founder was Dmitry Gerasimenko. His tool now prioritizes the list of SEO tools comprising Netflix, Facebook, Uber, and Linkedin as its customer base.

An Overview

Let us discuss four essential aspects of Ahref SEO Tool Review 2024 to comprehend its wide-scale usability in scaling up businesses.

  1. User-friendliness: Users may find it comparatively easier to surf through features on Ahrefs without having to ping for help. The UI/UX team has considered the user convenience factor to benefit junior marketers and SEO experts alike. However, some users have complained about the difficulties in navigating due to the complexities involved.
  1.  Features: One can choose from a pool of features that is segregated into CORE, FREE, and EXTRAS.
  •   In the CORE section, there are five salient items: Keywords, Site, Content Explorers, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit.
  • The FREE section contains 14 valuable features like Webmaster tools, keywords for Amazon, Youtube, and Bing, Checkers for Backlink, Website Authority, Broken links, SERP, Keyword difficulty, and Rank checkers, WordPress plugins, and SEO toolbar.
  • In the EXTRAS section, you get nine additional benefits, including batch analysis, link intersect, email alerts, SEO software and checker, word count and traffic checker, content gap, and domain comparison.
  1.  Affordability: One might find this platform a bit costly as nothing comes for absolutely free. However, it is allegedly a wise choice to invest here as it boosts your business, consequently proving worth your money. On the contrary, some users recently complained about hidden charges being appended without warning. It is always good to wander about on the website to learn all the features they provide. Thus you get $7 for a 7-day trial. You may choose from the Lite and Standard versions to familiarize yourself with the elements. A question regarding a refund might trigger your mind, so to clarify that the power to do so rests in the hands of the company itself. 
  1.  Support: Per customer reviews, the support is affectionate, swift, and satisfactory.

Let us now dig deep into the features and conclude what you should and should not expect when you are planning to add Ahref SEO Tool Review 2024 to your business journey.

Here’s a 0 investment way to gather maximum knowledge about the tool. There are learning courses for both novice and business bloggers alongside certification courses whose watch hours range between 2 and 5 hrs. 


  • Small module-wise videos.
  • The courses are free.
  • Clear explanation.
  • It provides the imperative analytical skills for making quick-witted marketing decisions.
  • One can learn how Ahrefs uses its data for manipulations, interpretations, and analysis.


  • One must have prior knowledge of SEO before taking the certification course.
  • It does not explicitly list tactics to build links or search keywords.
  • The certification course does not have a certification exam as it is currently in the Beta phase.

You must enter the comma-separated keywords or type them in new lines followed by hitting enter to customize your search based on several filters.


  • Different search engines like Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing, Yandex, and others are available.
  • Keywords can be searched based on a location, so local targeting of keyword traffic can be done quickly.
  • Keyword facets are returned to the user, such as keyword volume, difficulty, CPC, and clicks.
  • The graphical view can be obtained by clicking on the PS5 option.
  • The suggested keywords are better compared to the other tools found online.


  • Users may not always find keywords matching/her query.
  • An extra burden must be taken to filter out the valuable keywords from the list of unlinked ones.

This feature helps you get a complete site audit to master the technical faults associated with the site.


  • Customized results are provided if the user owns the website on which this process is run, 


  • If the user chooses a website that the person does not own, then the site audit process is restricted to just one req/2secs.
  • Users cannot crawl all websites.

This feature helps you gain an in-depth idea about which content is doing well and how you could make appreciable modifications to help it reach more people.


  • Contents can be searched using various metrics like authors, pages, languages, websites, title, URL or content, etc.

If you want to keep yourself updated with the keywords on your site and their rankings, this feature is handy for you.


  • The keywords update every seven days in the LITE plan, every five days in the Standard plan, and three days in the Advanced plan. It is thus not a feasible option to wait for a week or so to see market trends in keywords and searches.
  1. Dashboard

This is a one-stop destination for every detailed information to be displayed. You will find the following data in this section.

  1. The count and backlink types point to a website under vision.
  2. The growth of links while connecting unique pages and root domains.
  3. Domain and URL rating.
  4.  Organic site traffic details.
  5.  Top 5 contents and ads. 
  6. Comparing domains

Users can check the backlink profiles of 5 domains simultaneously to get a clear insight into the competition.

  1. Analysis in batches

Users can put down 200 URLs and form a report which can then be exported or created directly via browsers.

  • EFFECTIVE (Positives)
  1. Good keyword investigation.
  2. Backlink inspection.
  3. Website survey.
  4. Content marketing outcomes.
  5. Competitor analysis.
  6. SERP history.
  7. Content gap scrutiny.
  8. URL analysis gives precise details and numbers.
  9. The keyword ranking process ranked hassle-free.
  10. Exporting reports is easy.
  • AFFECTIVE (Negatives)
  1. The primary benefit of the site can be gained from the paid version itself, which is not a workable solution for small businesses.
  2. PPC features are not robust enough.
  3. Less valuable and baffling distribution for URL rating.
  4. It does not support mobile devices.
  5. There are a few very integrations in the tool available.
  6. There are no settings for notifications.
  7. The automatic tools used for content optimization are not compatible enough. 
  8. There are ads inside the tool which seem to be invasive.
  9. There is no free trial option available.
  10. Workflow guides are missing, which becomes vital for newbies.

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