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Blogging will allow you to share many types of information about your company or business. It also shares the type of service you provide to your customer. Blogging is a great way to communicate with your customers or readers about a certain topic. 

Therefore, to increase the interaction between the business and customer there is a requirement of the right traffic. However, more traffic does not mean that you always get what you want. Your goal should always be to generate targeted traffic and relevant customers. These are exactly all the strategies included in this article.

Once you get a clear idea about what your customer wants, you can work on your blog and easily customize it accordingly. A small difference in a comment can make a big difference in your blog.

The top ten tricks to attract more traffic to your blog are followings:

1. Plan to Generate Traffic for Your Content 

Traffic will not generate to your blog as soon as you publish it. It starts with the day you plan to write a blog.

Three types of elements you can consider to plan your content

  1. Selection of Topic 

Always try to select a topic, which interests most people. If you decide to write on a topic that nobody is interested in, then you will face a problem getting sufficient traffic no matter how perfectly you have constructed your content. To get the best topic try to read lots of other content or blogs. This is a great way to start or select the most interesting topic.

  1. Selecting a Proper Content-Type 

It is also important to select a type of content, which gets more attraction than the other blog. Many people tend to write on the same topic. Therefore, to make content unique, try to adopt a different style. 

  1. Add Value to Your Content

After successfully selecting your topic and the type of content, it is time to think about the position of your topic. It should stand different from the rest of the world. The reality is probably that what you, there are a bunch of other posts that talk about the same thing differently. Therefore, to make your content different try to find a key element that separates your content from the rest.

2. More Engaging Headlines

We all know that everyone prefers to read the headlines of content rather than reading the full copy. Therefore, it is important to have an engaging headline. This can either make or break your content whenever you publish it. 

There are plenty of posts that describe the best headlines. Nevertheless, there are two factors to remember while planning your Headlines: 

  • The headline is a promise you are making to your reader. Therefore, always try to fulfill that promise.
  • A headline must leave your reader with an unanswered question
3. Updating Your Old Content and Giving it a New Life

It is advised to regularly update your old content whenever possible. It will improve the experience of the reader and help you to get more traffic.  When content is out of date it becomes less relevant for the readers. The chances of getting a better rank also decrease with time. It is a good way to utilize your time in updating your blog whenever possible. It will also help your site to become updated on time. 

 4. Visual Representation of Your Content

Customers always tilted towards the visual representation of any brand. Therefore, it is an important deal to make your content visually appealing. There are plenty of methods and ways to make a blog visually attractive. An appealing content will get more likes, shares, and ultimately increase your traffic.

5. Introduce Your Influencer By Mentioning Them in Your Post 

When you start your blocking you are starting from level 1. When you write your blog on a certain topic, mention the influencer to provide additional compliments to your post. Other than mentioning, let them know that they influence you. People always love to hear good things from them. Therefore, when you convey a positive thought about their blog then chances are there that they will also share your post with their audience.

6. Streamline Your Blog Design

Whenever a reader reads your blog it is important to have a beautiful design that will attract readers and keep them coming back to it. Several themes and interfaces will attract readers and will be suitable for your blog type. Try to choose an eye-soothing color. Vibrant or bright colors will hamper the reading experience.

 7. Adding Relevant Internal Links

Adding internal links, which are relevant to your blog, will make it easier for the reader to find the best content. It also makes it easier for the search engine to find your content on the first go. Never add internal links that are not relevant to your post. They are valuable, relevant, or helpful to the readers.

8. Be Active on Social Networks

To increase traffic in your blog, being active on social media can be a great way to present yourself to your readers. The more you venture onto social media and engage with others the faster you will grow your influence on your customers.

 9. Leaving a Genuine Comment on Others’ Blogs

This is not a popular way but is quite useful for bloggers who are new to blogging. Leaving genuine and positive comments on others’ blogs will make you visible within your niche. Never leave negative comments on other blogs.

10. Publish Your Content on LinkedIn

Long back, LinkedIn opens a publisher platform where a Blogger can’t publish his blog directly to LinkedIn. The publisher’s platform is called Pulse. Occasionally this publisher’s platform is used to pick up a blog and feature a particular content to increase the traffic. If your content is related to business minds then this is worth trying for increased traffic in your blog. 

Last Minute Advice

There are many tricks to attract more traffic to your blog. The key focus is to accomplish one trick at a time. Always try to complete one trick at a time. After accomplishing one and then try something else. If you try to accomplish more than one trick at a time, you won’t be able to see sufficient traffic that you are deserving of.

By John Trudeau

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